Cell Vitality

Since I discovered that the body is made up of billions of cells, it made sense to me that the cells need certain vitamins and minerals usually found in the food we eat. If the body gets unbalanced there may be times when extra vitamins and minerals can help.

For me Dr. Mathias Rath (worked together with Linus Pauling researching vitamin C) has put together a good educational platform where interested people can educate themselves about vitamins and minerals and their role in the body. This is a great source, as you often only get this information if you work in the health field. I find the products by Dr. M. Rath also of a high quality and without extra (unnecessary) ingredients that are sometimes added in other products. What also plays a big role is that the products have been designed to work with one another synergistically, which means that smaller amounts working together have a better effect than large individualy doses of separate vitamins and minerals.

Below you can find some helpful links to resources provided by the Rath Foundation.

Here a video with Dr Rath on cardiovascular disease.

Read the book online or download: http://www.why-animals-dont-get-heart-attacks.org/

Instructional Videos:

Products (Europe):

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Other sources about food and vitamins:
www.mercola.com                             Dr. Mercola has a lot of good information
http://www.ultrawellnesscenter.com  Functional medicine by Dr. Mark Hymann
http://www.saragottfriedmd.com/       Hormone balance naturally by Dr. Sara Gottfried
http://lissarankin.com/                        D
r Lissa Rankin author of 'Mind over Medicine'
www.schuesslerquickfinder.com        Body Tissue salts as per Dr. Schüssler