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Hi, I'll just introduce myself here so you can get an idea about myself and how I came to the information that I publish on this website. My name is Denise.
I have an English background and live in Switzerland,so my information and tools tend to come from the English speaking world.

I only started to get interested in spirituality and energy concepts around 2001. I am curious and want to know more about myself and the human experience. My curiosity was aroused the most firstly by energeticconcepts (healing), the mind (our thoughts and effects) and then spirituality (universal laws - is there something bigger that supports us? – for me it is no longer about religion in the sense of churches and belief). 

My intention with this website is to provide you with information and tools that may help you on your way to more self empowerment and responsibility, so that you can live the life you want to live and be the ‘Captain of your ship’ again. I see myself as a door opener, putting basic concepts into easy to understand language for anyone starting out and interested in these topics. For those interested in diving deeper I believe there is more than enough information available if you're looking for it.

For me this path leads me to learn more about myself and be increases my awareness. So I now pay more attention to what I do and say, often question myself if what I’m doing still serves me and my those around me? Then I decide whether to keep it or let it go and change something. My goal is to enjoy life and have fun along the way and help others do the same.

Of course my suggestions represent only a small part of what is possible as I will never be able to cover everything that is available. I hope what I have chosen is helpful to you. I always have an open-ended question in mind, like 'What else is possible?'

Under my recommendations I have listed the links and resources I find helpful and like to use and maybe they are of interest to you too.

Below is an overview of courses and lectures I have attended so you can see where I got my ideas, inspirations and suggestions from:

Jin Shin Jyutsu by Mary Burmeister (www.jsjinc.com) (since 2001) various 5 day-courses and theme courses with various JSJ teachers: Jed Schwartz, Brigitta Meinhart, Waltraud Riegger-Krause, Mona Harris, Ian Harris, Matthias Roth, Wayne Hackett, Carlos Gutteres

Spiritual healing taught by George Paul Huber (www.livitra.ch) (2007)

Tapping Therapy (EFT) - DVDs by Gary Craig

'Awaken the healer in you' taught by Marlies Fazies (in German), Lebensenergiezentrum,  D-Weil a/Rhein (2008)

'BERT‘ course, taught by Andreas Schaller

'Body Mirror System', by Martin Brofmann (2011)

'Master Top Coach' + 'Christallin Therapy' taught by Drs. Roy and Joy Martina (2012)

'Dynamics of Healing' by Malcolm Southwood (www.southwood-healing.de) (2008)

‘Röntgenblick‘ with Daniel und Gisa (2013) (www.roentgenblick.com) (in German)

Swiss group for physiognomy/face reading (www.svmk.ch) – various lectures in German

'Heart IQ Method™' founded and taught by Chrisitan Pankhurst (2013) (Heart IQ)

'Art of Feminine Presence ™' (AFP) founded and taught by Rachael Jayne Groover (2014)

smoveyCOACH (2014), taught by Jolanda Gaberthül (www.smovey.com)

Access Consciousness: Bars, Foundation + Level 1 with Beatrice Hofmann and Liane Nova (2014)

Healing with Human Design and Human Design Level 1, 2, 3 and now learning level 4 (Online courses)
by Karen Curry Parker (since 2015)